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3D Visualization, especially in retail, has allowed leading fashion brands to go from idea and concept through build out, quickly and without errors or misinterpretation. The top retail brands in the world have been using 3D visuals to plan and design spaces quickly and accurately in order to save time and construction costs. Vibrant and photorealistic 3D visuals are a Designer’s best friend and secret weapon because if used and created correctly, the 3D visualizations can tell their story for them.  If you’re a Designer or Creative Director, you should never let your ideas be encumbered by your approvers or stakeholders.  Have you ever fallen asleep and had a vibrant dream and then you try to describe it to someone, but your verbal description falls way short of what you experienced in your dream?  You just can’t describe it the way it really was.  The story, environment, the journey was all too much to remember and to accurately communicate with words. But, what if you could dream and imagine a design and capture that in a photorealistic visualization? We do that for designers every day.  What does that mean? What is PixelPool and what exactly do you do?  Well, a good definition of what we do is summarized below.  PixelPool is a realization agency. We are focused on transforming the way future ideas are displayed, presented and realized.


REALIZE [ree-uh-lahyz]

transitive verb:  to bring into concrete existence:  accomplish  finally realized her goal:  to cause to seem real.  make appear realto conceive vividly as real


The Future of Design and Planning is Realization

The future of designing and planning is mixed, virtual and augmented. At PixelPool, we have expanded our focus from just a visualization company to an interactive realization company.  Now, we can create what was recently imagined, without actually shipping samples or prototypes, making products, building or traveling anywhere. 3D, Mixed Reality, AR, VR are all tools we use to help our clients take their ideas and designs from concept to finished and approved.


So, dream big, design without limits and impress your clients, approvers and stakeholders by utilizing realization solutions that accurately depict your vision.

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